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投资 #温哥华房地产投资     I don't want to pay too much money to buy a House. 
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Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network     $500,000 -  $600,000           温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network     $600,000 -  $700,000           温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network      $700,000 -  $800,000          温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network      $800,000 -  $900,000          温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network     $900,000 -  $1,000,000          温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network      $1  -  $1.2 Million          温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network      $1.2  -  $1.5 Million          温哥华房地产网

Vancouver - West Surrey Real Estate Network   $1.5 Million  +          温哥华房地产网



Why Vancouver Real Estate Investments are the TOP City

in the World to Invest in!


自2000年一月温哥华房地产投资 在全球获最高的投资回报,

温哥华西边332%和东温304% 这超越澳大利亚悉尼的291%,




温哥华房地产投资 回报率详尽索引分析,请观看视频


Hong Kong and Taipei property markets have weakened in the first quarter of 2016. Knight Frank today released the "Global Luxury Index", as of March 2016; prices of luxurious properties in 35 cities rose by an annual average of 3.6%, Hong Kong and Taipei press dropped 6.4% and 7.6%, respectively ranked, last place.

This is the fourth consecutive quarter that Vancouver won the luxury price the fastest growing city.  LINK

Jan 2016

Vancouver Real Estate Homes have gone 332% (Westside), and 304% in East Vancouver from Jan 2000-2016.

This appears to be the highest Return on Investment in the Western World.

This Return on Investment exceeds that of Sidney, Australia at 291%, Toronto, Canada at 250%, Los Angles at 248% and even the Major Stock Exchanges; Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE at 235% and the Dow Jones Stock Exchange at 160% for the same period.

These Rates of returns are from the corresponding indexes.   WATCH THE MOVIE





Investors and Immigrants all agree that Vancouver has a pleasant climate, fresh air, beautiful environment,

Vancouver enjoys a worldwide reputation as a beautiful city and great place for Vancouver Real Estate Investments


加拿大重视教育, 拥有一流的高等教育 , 温哥华房地产投资




Canada's emphasis on education, with a first-class education, the provision of quality educational environment. Vancouver has a worldwide reputation for it's  Universities and Schools.



加拿大人爱好和平, 诚实,有礼貌,

热心做善事.温哥华房地产投资 提供一移民的理想地方


Canada is a pluralistic society the immigrants soon see the integration of people from different cultural backgrounds, Canadians are peace-loving, honest, polite, enthusiastic about doing good deeds making it an ideal place for immigrants and investors


加拿大法制公平, 社会治安佳,加拿大人享受自由安全的生活

温哥华房地产投资, 享受安全的生活​


The Canadian legal system is fair to all people and provides a good social order. Canadians enjoy extensive personal freedoms and have a very safe living environment.


加拿大温哥华,气候温和,城市美丽, 温哥华房地产投资, 




Vancouver, Canada, has a mild climate, a beautiful city, is the world's first choice for the ideal city for Vancouver Real Estate Investments for immigrants to buy. 



是投资移民,买房 建立家园最好地方。

  Vancouver has economic stability, the highest rate of return on real estate investment for immigrants. The best place to buy a house or build homes.  

加拿大经济稳定,保密银行制度, 温哥华房地产投资,


  Canada's economic stability is world renown, and with the confidentiality of the banking system make Vancouver Real Estate Investments ideal place for investment immigration.  

温哥华房地产投资是最佳选择 - 温哥华是加拿大的亚洲门户。



Vancouver real estate investment is the best choice for investors - Vancouver is Canada's gateway to Asia. Vancouver's multicultural component is mostly from Asia, The Asian culture elements are inter-weaved throughout the Vancouver urban fabric. Vancouver has some of the best Asian food supermarkets and gourmet restaurants in North America.


术画廊,博物馆,交响乐,现场音乐,戏剧 。各样不同的文

化资源, 温哥华房地产投资, 享受高当的生活格调

Vancouver is rich in natural resources: forests, minerals and transshipment port, All sorts of different cultural resources:  art galleries, museums, symphony, live music, theater. So one can make Vancouver real estate investment and enjoy the rich Asian life style Vancouver brings.

温哥华有拥全球最好温哥华公交系统 ,最清洁和保养最佳的出

租车 -  温哥华房地产投资, 享受优质​生活 

  The City of Vancouver owns the world's best public transport system, the cleanest and best maintained taxis - Vancouver real estate investment, access to quality living'  


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