Vancouver Real Estate Home Investments 高利润房地产投资

Vancouver Real Estate has a 333% ROI; Return On Investments.
温哥华房地产市场將持续疯狂 直到二月中旬
Vancouver;  the Highest Return on Real Estate Investments in the Western World since 2000!  link

 Vancouver Real Estate Markets to continue on Crazy 

 until the Middle of February! 

Vancouver Real Estate Market is up 333% since 2,000 the highest Return-On-investments in the World!

If 70-80% of our Vancouver Real Estate Money comes from Chinese Investors then what happens in China is more important in forecasting the what happens here. The Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE is extremely volatile, China's foreign trade dropped 7.8%  in 2015, material imports prices are down 14% on average, yet the Chinese Government still indicates their GNP is still 7%, so when the facts come out the stock market should have had a melt down already.

 To stabilize the stock market the Chinese Government has done major major intervention by Stopping Big Share Holders from selling any stock since late August 2015 and the new  (Circuit Breaker) policy of if the stock market SSE drops 7% in one day they SHUT the Stock Market Down! Turn Off the Computers which they just did on the first trading day of the year.
  the big question do we actually get More or Less Investment  in Vancouver Real Estate Investors with a Chinese Stock Market Melt Down?

Note: Our new website has 9,500 MLS Vancouver Listings in Mandarin  which is great Vancouver Real Estate Emigration Homes


温哥华市场將持续疯狂 直到二月中旬

自2000年以来温哥华房地产市场上升333%, 是全球最高最高回报率的地方



如果70-80%温哥华房地产投资者来是自中国, 这样, 在中国市场内的变动是预测本地市场动向的重点。上海证券交易所动荡,中国外贸在2015年下降了7.8%,材料的进口价格下降14%的平均水平,但中国政府仍表示其国民生产总值仍维持7%,所以,实际​​上股市应该已经是下降熔体。


为了稳定股市, 中国政府采取重大干预,自2015年八月下旬已停止大股股东出售任何股票,及推行熔断机制政策,如果一天股市下降7%暂停股票市场交易! 关掉计算机,刚在一年的第一个交易日发生。




注:我们的中文新网站拥有9500 MLS温哥华房源


Dec 2015       Record Monthly Home Price Increases Throughout the Vancouver Cities 


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